# 👋 Hi

## I am Motyar.

Building ⬟ [Ropuz](https://ropuz.com) & ✤ [Imgory](https://imgory.com)

Formerly ◑ Bruzu ([acquired](https://twitter.com/motyar/status/1519873912334524417))

I own a small software development company where we help businesses create awesome software products.

If you need a skilled team to develop your next product or enhance your current one, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!

I am [@motyar](https://twitter.com/motyar) on <span style="font-size:2em;">𝕩</span>

## Projects

### Here are few projects you might find interesting.

- [AI Domain name finder](https://motyar.info/ai/demos/aigen/domains/)
- [Idea to Prototype](https://ropuz.com/app/)
- [Non-AI Image Generator](https://imgory.com/)